Custom Hand Painted Tile Murals & Decorative Tiles for Public Places

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For many organizations, donors are the difference between staying afloat and not having the funds to continue their mission. As such, it is essential organizations do what they can to show their genuine appreciation to donors both large and small.

Hand Painted Donor Wall Tiles

Donor walls are a prudent way for organizations to recognize and publicly display their appreciation and gratitude towards donors. Of course, a mundane, white wall only lists names may not send the right message, so it may be wise to “spruce the wall up” a bit with art.

Custom Commercial Hand Painted Wall Tiles & Signage

Payne Creations specializes in donor wall art and designs throughout Missouri. We have added a bit of panache to donor walls for businesses, charities, schools and other organizations throughout the state, and can provide your wall with a unique look that that helps convey to donors how much you appreciate their generosity. As well, art on a donor wall can help convey your purpose, and remind donors their money helps fund an important cause. Wall art often conveys your message stronger than spoken words would. If you would like to discuss a potential donor wall design for your organization, or if you have any general or specific questions about our services, contact us today.